Mermaids of Merrow’s Cove

Mermaids of Merrow's Cove

In March 2017, my friend Ricardo wrote me an email that started, “So I wrote a podcast episode.” And it ended with, “I think it will be a fun and creative group project.”

Here we are now in May 2018, ready to launch this fun and creative group project. It is a long road from idea to release. There’s researching, writing, editing, planning, casting, more planning, recording, editing, re-recording, mixing, re-editing, uploading, marketing. And we did it all without a budget. Everyone donated their time and talents. THAT is huge. Blood, sweat, tears, and a hell of a lot of time went into this project.

So is that why you should listen to it? Nope. Listen to it because it’s good. The first line of the story is, “Alice Crocker was found naked and barely alive on Sandy Point Beach.” Doesn’t that make you lean in to hear the rest of the story? The 6-episode, serial podcast follows reporter Emma Kersey in Merrow’s Cove as she uncovers the shocking details of what happened after a woman washes up on the town’s quiet shore.

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The first episode will be released on June 11th and new episodes will become available on Mondays. Get in on this in the early stages so you can brag to your friends that you were listening to Mermaids of Merrow’s Cove first!

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