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When last we left off, I was about to watch the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special. Oh that was fun! My favorite, the 10th Doctor, was there with Queen Elizabeth. And – BONUS – Tom Baker was there, too!

I was a little skeptical of beginning the Capaldi episodes. Honestly, it took me a while to warm up to him. I think it had something to do with Clara. I didn’t like the 2 of them together. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jenna Coleman’s Victoria and the 12th Doctor is now my 2nd favorite. I just didn’t like them together. Ashildr/Me was way more interesting to me and I was ready for her to take Clara away.  I did shed a tear or two for Clara being brave.

Husbands of River SongSo what turned me around on the 12th Doctor? River Song. The Husbands of River Song is one of my favorite episodes. Everything that I loved about Silence in the Library comes full circle – the diary, the Singing Towers, the spoilers, SWEETIE!! River’s monologue about what it’s like to love the Doctor sealed the deal. I was in tears and that was the moment I fell in love with Capaldi’s Doctor. After I finished all the Capaldi episodes, I went back and watched all the River Song episodes in chronological order from River’s perspective.  I highly recommend it.  Then that inspired me to watch all the MCU properties in  chronological order. You can read about that here. But I digress…

Doctor Who & MissyI don’t want to skip over Missy. Oh what fun Missy was. Smart, sarcastic, evil, sweet, funny. Michelle Gomez played her with such glee. I loved every second of Missy. Her chemistry with the Doctor was electric. They jumped off the screen. And even in her most twisted moments (Say something nice!), she was a joy to watch. She tickled a Dalek! If you’re looking for great Missy quotes, it’s all of them. In the end, like the rest of us, she chose to stand with the Doctor.

And then there’s Bill. The 12th Doctor and Bill (and Nardole) made a great team. Missy introduced them as the “disposables – exposition and comic relief.” Yes, they’re that and so, so much more. Bill saved the world using the memory of her mother. Her heart was huge and filled with love and wonder and hope. Nardole has a shady past and a sharp wit, and he’s extremely loyal. He took it upon himself to make sure the Doctor was OK after River’s death.

So what was my favorite Capaldi episode? Hmm, there are a lot of good ones with fantastic monologues. But I think it’s Heaven Sent. After Clara’s death, the Doctor is teleported to a castle surrounded by water. He has to work his way out of the constantly changing rooms and corridors. He talks to himself, imagines himself on the TARDIS, answers questions Clara has written on a chalkboard, and then, a mere 4 billion years later, he busts out. World Enough and Time is a close second because it’s so jam-packed… and brilliant.

So that brings us to the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who We had a small glimpse of her in the Christmas Special. I have no idea what kind of Doctor she’ll be. But she was phenomenal in 3 seasons of Broadchurch and The Entire History of You episode of Black Mirror. I’m sure she’ll be making us fall in love with her in no time and that the extra wait will be worth it!

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