What Is This?

What is Midnight Eggs?

Midnight Eggs
Midnight Eggs – Room Service Edition

Like all good things, our origin story begins at the casino. This was in the days where you could get a room for $29 or even a comped suite. So we went a lot. One night, around midnight, after a long day of gambling, gossip, and general f*ckery,  we were hungry. So we went to a diner-type place in the casino and ordered eggs. We talked about TV, nail polish, men, friends and enemies, and the meaning of life. The next morning we both woke up satisfied, refreshed and feeling pretty f*cking awesome. Every casino trip after that included midnight eggs.

So this site is all of the things that made that night so magical – our opinions, our experiences, our point of view, our favorite recipes – in one place (sorry, no gambling). And it all goes back to those midnight eggs.

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