Waitress the Musical

I am not a Broadway person. Don’t get me wrong. I love a musical. But going to Broadway?  Too much of a hassle. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’m not a crowd person.  I don’t like waiting in lines, going to festivals, Christmas shopping, fireworks, the subway… or any other place where there are loads of people. High Anxiety!!

I should also say, at this point, that I’m not a huge Sara Bareillis fan, either. I don’t hate her, but I never really had a strong reaction to any of her music – you know, kinda like Phil Collins. But that all changed when I heard the song “She Used to Be Mine.” I lurved that song, so I bought the album. Then it struck me that all the songs reminded me a little Indie movie called Waitress. Then a quick Google told me it’s actually music from (at that point soon-to-be) Waitress the Musical.

After a life took a shit in my happy place, some of the lyrics hit a little closer to home. “What I thought was so permanent fades.” “I’m no good in the outside world and find it usually hurts.”  I really felt like I need to see this show. So I bugged my friends. For over a year. No one really wanted to go. BUT they did chip in to buy me tickets for my birthday.  I still don’t think they realize how much that meant to me. Spoiler alert: a fucking lot.

So I went with my sister. She is a Broadway person. We had a great time bouncing around the city. The show was everything I’d hoped for and more. I teared up at the opening number because I’m here and this is really happening!! My sister didn’t really know much about the show, except the incoherent babbling I spewed at her and the CD copy I gave her. But she really liked it. She kept asking me if I knew they were going to do that…or did I know that was a big number…or is the story the same in the movie.  Yes, no, pretty much.

I was so happy with the experience! The joy lasted 2 full days…until I went back to work and it was all washed away. About a week later, Jason Mraz announced he was coming to Broadway…in Waitress the Musical. I am a HUGE Jason Mraz fan. Well, shit. So now I’m going back to Broadway to see Waitress one more time.



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