Thank You, Leslie Jones!

Leslie Jones

If you are not following Leslie Jones on Instagram or Twitter, you are missing out. She’s at the Olympics in PyeongChang and she is living the life. It seems like she’s at all the events, meeting all the athletes, enjoying the food. She is not wasting a second. Leslie Jones is all of us. Well, the “us” we wish we were – taking in new experiences, appreciating true sportsmanship, and showing us the kindness in everyone. She also offers up some pretty frank and funny commentary when she’s watching the competition from her room.

Leslie Jones and her love of all things Olympic gives me hope. I keep coming back to this picture of her and Scott Hamilton. These 2 smiling faces wash away all the worries in my life for just a few minutes… and I smile back at them. So thank you, Leslie Jones, for cutting through the bullshit and reminding me to have some fun.

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